Rental Procedure

What are the registration and rental procedures?

Apartments in the Haagse Houtzicht complex are not yet available for rent. If you wish to be kept informed about when leasing is scheduled to commence, you can register via the website under the heading “Interest”. You will receive an email with further instructions regarding the registration procedure as soon as the properties become available.

Can I apply for a rental subsidy?

The apartments fall under the free sector regulations. It is therefore not possible to apply for a subsidy.

Are there registration or brokerage fees applicable?

There are no fees payable for registration and no commission charges. Before taking up occupancy the first month's rent and a security deposit must be paid by electronic transfer.

What income requirements must be met to qualify for rental of these apartments?

As a general guideline, gross monthly income (from salary excluding allowances, bonuses and vacation pay) must be at least 3.75 times the basic monthly rent.
Gross monthly income for private individuals is understood to mean all sources of income that are designated as such under the tax regulations, minus any payment obligations such as alimony, mortgages, personal loans, etc. Assets are understood to be those designated as such under tax regulations for private individuals.

The following applies to dual income households: 75% of the second income counts toward the total.

The following applies to retired persons: Income must be at least 3.75 times the basic monthly rent. 75% of the second income also counts toward the total.

Extra income from overtime is only counted if this is an integral component of the annual salary and of the individual's professional obligations.

Do benefits count as income and can they be included in the income calculation?

Benefits are considered income provided they have been granted for a longer period, for instance WIA (disability benefits) or Wajong (disability benefits for individuals under the age of 30). Should this be the case, we require the following:

  • A letter of intent from the UWV (Employee Insurance Agency) in lieu of an employer's statement
  • A copy of a bank statement showing the benefit payment. After receiving the required documentation, we will assess whether you meet the income requirements.

Am I also eligible to rent if I work through an employment agency?

You may qualify, provided you have at least a phase B agreement.

Which documents am I required to submit with the registration form

  • Proof of identity (drivers license is not acceptable; BSN number and photo should be rendered illegible)
  • Copy of BRP (Personal Records Database) registration
  • Statement from your landlord/mortgage provider

If you are an employee:

  • Three payslips
  • Statement from your employer
  • Copy of bank statement showing salary deposit
  • Annual earnings statement

If you receive benefits:

  • A letter of intent from the UWV (Employee Insurance Agency) in lieu of an employer's statement
  • A copy of a bank statement showing the benefit payment
  • Annual statement

If you are retired/entitled to retirement benefits:

  • Annual statement of retirement benefits and, if applicable, pension
  • A copy of a bank statement showing the retirement benefit, and if applicable, pension payment

If you are self-employed:

  • • Copy of registration with the Chamber of Commerce (no older than 3 months)
  • Annual earnings report for the fiscal year (preceding the signing of the lease agreement) produced by an accountant/trust office
  • Forecast for the upcoming/current fiscal year

And if applicable:

  • Divorce decree
  • Personal equity summary
  • If you sell your current residence: the (provisional) purchase deed + summary of remaining mortgage payments.
  • If you retain your current residence: summary of the mortgage payments for the preceding 6 months.

How are the properties allocated?

Once the leasing procedure has begun, the properties will be allocated to the most suitable applicants. We do this on the basis of the income requirements set for the properties, property preferences, availability, completeness of the information provided, and a final credit check.

What is the minimum rental period?

Tenancy agreements are for a minimum of 1 year, calculated from the commencement date of the lease agreement. Thereafter, the lease may be terminated only on the first day of successive months, with a minimum notice period of one full calendar month.

Are there parking facilities for the properties?

Parking places are available for rent in the underground garage at a cost of € 95 per month.

Are there service costs payable in addition to the rent?

The monthly service costs (for maintenance and cleaning of communal areas) are € 35 for a 2-room apartment and € 45 for a three-room apartment.


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